Creativity – Where Art Thou?

Is the In-Your-Face social media ruckus sucking out the subtle creativity of advertising? With social media taking over almost every facet of our lives, one can’t help but wonder, is imagination being slaughtered at the hands of convenience?
Gone are the days of good old clever advertisements capturing the attention of the audience with their eloquent creativity. The brilliant print ads in magazines and those sprawling across billboards have taken a backseat. Social media has radically changed the business landscape and marketing is no exception.


Since the inception of marketing the single most baffling question that everyone was concerned about was how to translate the impact of marketing into hard numbers. Marketing experts devised various ways to lend specificity to the abstruse art of marketing. However none of the techniques were completely foolproof. This is where social media trumps the game.

With clever tools and techniques social media allows businesses to measure marketing effectiveness, bridging the gap between art and science. Today businesses are talking about quantifiable marketing. Marketing effectiveness is being translated into volumes of likes, shares, tweets etc. Social media allows one to incessantly track the online activities of each of the hundreds of billions of internet users worldwide. Metrics like reach, influence, engagement, virality, conversion rate, click through rate capture the impact of online marketing in real time and map it to business goals.

Social media has broken the barriers of time and space in the truest sense. In doing so it has shifted the focus of marketing communication from quality to quantity catapulting a myopic transition from authenticity to superficiality.Conventional marketing practices witness a fast decline as the online din of comments, likes, tweets and shares captures the attention of businesses and consumers alike. Finer sensibilities are often lost in all the online clutter where the slapstick overpowers the subtle. Users are gung-ho about the ‘rad’ video posted on you tube or the ‘uber-cool’ campaign gone ‘viral’ over the internet. They speak about them, share them, like them or hate them; all of which are captured to measure the effectiveness of the initiative. By disrupting the asymmetry of information between the seller and the buyer social media has undoubtedly reversed the rules of the game. But has it pushed the artistry of advertising to the edge of extinction, that is the question.


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