Social Media – the Big Brother in Disguise

Social Media has stealthily crept deep into our lives , both personal and professional. Online conversations, transactions and interactions have undoubtedly become an indispensable part of our lives. A fun evening with friends will lose its charm significantly unless relevant photos and/or statuses are posted on multiple social network platforms, birthday wishes for friends are incomplete unless they are posted on Facebook or tweeted on Twitter. Though the interminable digital footprint left by users provide a source for warm reminiscence like no other, it should be borne in mind that any data shared over the internet, even if deleted, lingers on indefinitely and can be fished out of oblivion .

Big Brother 11


In the wake of the high school email leak scandal of SnapChat co founder, Evan Spiegel , it is perhaps important for us to realize the implications of our growing internet presence, in social media in particular. Today as we join social networks, order products and services online, store our data on the cloud we are continuously building our digital brand for businesses and other concerned parties to pry into. While we refuse to read End User License Agreements and freely exchange personal information on Facebook, enjoy tailored recommendations on Flipkart and toss opinions on Twitter, we are broadcasting our details for the World Wide Web aka the Big Brother to see. How many times have we not seen the dress that we once added to cart but did not buy in an online store appear in the display ads on other websites?

Trying to go off the grid by opting out of social media platforms is not of much help as we will still have a digital identity formed by others who know about us, say friends who share group photos, posts etc.

This leaves us with the question, is there any way to dodge this social media intrusion? Probably not.

However remembering a few things will take us a long way,

  • Thinking before posting
  • Deleting Cookie regularly
  • Changing passwords
  • Regular antiviral runs
  • Keeping social media privacy settings in order
  • Realizing that there is more to life than being online

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