The Amazon versus Hachette Story – What’s all the noise about?

After having read the Amazon – Hachette dispute in almost every newspaper in the US and worldwide, one is almost convinced that the event is blown out of proportion by the press. The spectacle on the outset appears to be nothing more than a soured contract negotiation between a supplier and a retailer. However,it should be understood here that the supplier we speak of is one of the biggest publishers in the world and the retailer is no less, the largest bookseller in the world.


There are enough reasons to believe that the contract under the radar is capable of changing the dynamics of the books selling industry in the US. Here’s how,

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Social Media – the Big Brother in Disguise

Social Media has stealthily crept deep into our lives , both personal and professional. Online conversations, transactions and interactions have undoubtedly become an indispensable part of our lives. A fun evening with friends will lose its charm significantly unless relevant photos and/or statuses are posted on multiple social network platforms, birthday wishes for friends are incomplete unless they are posted on Facebook or tweeted on Twitter. Though the interminable digital footprint left by users provide a source for warm reminiscence like no other, it should be borne in mind that any data shared over the internet, even if deleted, lingers on indefinitely and can be fished out of oblivion .

Big Brother 11


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Why Flipkart should be afraid. No, really.

With the eCommerce mammoth, Amazon aggressively expanding its business in India since its launch last June, Sachin Bansal, the CEO of the indigenous big daddy, Flipkart, has reasons to worry. Flipkart’s $300 million worth acquisition of another local etailer Myntra a couple of days back have simply reinforced the increasing aggression between the international enterprise and its local rivals.


Let’s look at this from the beginning to know why we think the Flipkart-s of the nation have reasons to worry,

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Creativity – Where Art Thou?

Is the In-Your-Face social media ruckus sucking out the subtle creativity of advertising? With social media taking over almost every facet of our lives, one can’t help but wonder, is imagination being slaughtered at the hands of convenience?
Gone are the days of good old clever advertisements capturing the attention of the audience with their eloquent creativity. The brilliant print ads in magazines and those sprawling across billboards have taken a backseat. Social media has radically changed the business landscape and marketing is no exception.


Since the inception of marketing the single most baffling question that everyone was concerned about was how to translate the impact of marketing into hard numbers. Marketing experts devised various ways to lend specificity to the abstruse art of marketing. However none of the techniques were completely foolproof. This is where social media trumps the game.

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ECommerce – the latest fad?

With eCommerce websites making headlines with their phenomenal growth over the last few years the question everyone is asking is, ‘But, for how long?’.


Although eCommerce in India dates back as far as over 15 years ago, it is now that the optimal ecosystem for online business is gradually shaping up. Several factors, like proliferation of internet users, change in popular sentiment towards online payment transactions, have paved a way for eCommerce to grow in leaps and bounds in the country. Following are the few reasons why the industry with its spectacular growth of 50% YoY for the last 6 years, is here to stay,

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